Lukas Mletzko
Lukas Mletzko

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Between 2015 and 2019 I worked with watercolours and explored the possibilities of expanding the medium. The result is the series of paintings entitled A. O. T. (Untitled Watercolour) using seemingly weightless pigments on photographic paper. The main source of inspiration was photographs of jellyfish swimming in the sea.​


The colour pigments, with their varying shapes, proportions, and

colours, play a key role in the opus. Like their paragons, they seem to the beholder bizarre and foreign at first, yet on closer inspection, familiar details are revealed. The ambivalence that is created that way questions common views and opens up a completely new approach of experiencing watercolour painting.


Here, particular attention is paid both to the intrinsic value of the colour and to its iconic properties. The surface finish of the photographic paper, the influence on material properties and various paint application techniques generate soft colour gradients as well as sedimentary areas. Seemingly static concentrations of colour and dynamic regions interact with each other and create tension on the picture.


Interacting with the painted objects, the high-gloss photographic paper generates a deep, vacant, and transcendent space. The absence of reference points furthermore increases the impression of weightlessness and the metaphysical presence of painting itself.